Wednesday 5 February 2020

Wonky Fence Tapestry

What follows is a post I thought i had scheduled many months ago. Unfortunately much has happened since, the most traumatic as regards my creative life being losing the dexterity of my hands due to rheumatoid arthritis. Many treatments still leaves me with only a few working fingers and these not strong enough to create a shed in the warp.

Going through how I responded to this will help no one, least of all me.  I have come to the realisation that i have to put away the loss of my dexterity and leave the time i have given up mourning what i was and try to discover who I am, sans tapestry weaving.

The tapestry below was photographed almost two years ago and has changed little. My blog will now be about the positives of a creative person who has to forge new ways and media in which to express my creativity.

Welcome to that journey.

I began my Wonky Fence tapestry earlier this month and today the lovely, smiley postman brought me some lovely new bamboo yarns to use for it. Such lustre.

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