A selection of my woven tapestries

'What angst, what high anxiety' (Turgenyev) detail.

This tapestry was woven in response to a photograph of my daughter, pregnant with her first child, taken by Amy Tucker a wonderful portrait photographer.  Amy very kindly gave me permission to use her image as a base for my tapestry.  I thought the photograph was inspiring as Amy had captured the confused emotions of a young woman eagerly looking forward to her first child and yet fearing the change that was to come.  

Harpy was woven in response to comments Darwin made about women's capacity to understand.

 Be true to yourself, my daughter (detail)
 Be true to yourself, my daughter (detail)

A response to the strong desire I had to impart learnt lessons, not just to my own daughter but to all young women.  
 The beast who preys on the none so innocent is none the less a beast (detail)

Part of a series based on a modern interpretation of fairy tales.

The beast ... (detail)