Tuesday 8 October 2013

Day 1 of CC102

The tags from my first day of Creative Chemistry 102. I was hoping to have had time for something more adventurous but there is so much packed into this course. I really do recommend it. My fingers are inky and my heart is light. Now it is time to go onto day 2. Seven tags today so I will probably need to finish in the morning.

All this would be so much easier if my draughting stool hadn't let me down, literally, I went bonk and suddenly found myself much closer to the floor. I have ordered a new chair but in the meantime I have sneaked Stuart's potters stool. It is not comfortable but at least I don't feel like a small child sitting at the grown-ups table.

I have trouble choosing my favourite tag, I think top left to do and bottom right for effect. What do you think?

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