Saturday 12 October 2013

Creative Chemistry day 5

A sad day as I work on the last tags of the course yet a happy day as I really enjoyed these techniques. The gilded tree looks full of untold stories. The shabby chic ivy is one of the most feminine tags I have made and even though it is pink it is not too girls. I think the delicate heart finishes it off well.  Then the cheeky bird popping out of his tarnished silver cage. I had to substitute materials for this, I had no silver embossing powder but did have pewter utee so I used that with clear embossing powder. Very pleased with the effect. The chalkboard tag was fun, at first when I was laying down the chalk I thought it wasn't going to work so I thought I would just go for it after all i could always redo the tag. The chalk went on far better when I wasn't being too delicate. The rusted metal is certainly a technique I will be reusing, very effective and I love rust. The glitter stars tag I think smudged as I over inked my stamp, the first impression was not inky enough. All of which just goes to show the need to play more often.
A great course and one that can be taken any time. I do recommend it.
Pop into and see what they have to offer. By the way I am now sitting comfortably on my new stool. Bye.

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