Monday 10 March 2014

Some of my favourite tools

I have been playing in my workroom and have been relishing some of the tools I use everyday. I have been doing a great deal of stitching lately which seems to make my enjoyment of my older, wooden tools so much greater. Don't get me wrong, I do love working on my sewing machine, just not to the extent of handling the smooth, warmth of my spinning and weaving tools. Over the years they have developed a patina from use, they seem to fit in my hand as if the years have moulded them for me.

I do find my life interesting, a mix of modern, state of the art machines and finely crafted tools that my forebears would have been happy using. My father bought me an old Singer treadle sewing machine softly after I was married, a setting up home present. Sadly it was damaged during our last house move and I haven't been able to find anyone to rebalance it yet. All this thinking about my old and trusted tools has reawakened my desire to see the machine working again. Hopefully I will be posting a photograph of my working Singer soon. Now, I think I shall go down and polish it, it needs some tender loving care.

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