Sunday 13 October 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 inspiration

The last item of the course will be the video of bloopers tomorrow. I feel a little lost without it as I knew I would. However, I am in Birmingham this week so time to catch up on work I put to one side while I was enjoying Creative Chemistry 102, such as accounts and finishing my article for The Tapestry Weaver. Then there are the galleries to enjoy.

One last look over some of my favourite tags.

This was fun and I actually enjoyed adding sparkle to my work. The Distress Glitters are not so overwhelming as usual glitter (I don't enjoy bling). I think I will use this pot of gold up over the Christmas preparations. The lower question mark has mica flakes instead of glitter and I think that works just as well.

Apparently I frustrate friends and family with a steady stream of questions, I couldn't have grown out of my 'why' stage as a child! I think the large question marks over the repeated alphabet is a perfect image to encourage curiosity.

You will have seen my love of the Distress Inks to make a blended background. The technique is freeing and fun, simply a matter of choosing which inks suit the mood. Then the only question is whether to spritz or not. This is not really much of a decision in my case, I love it, and watching the colours play with each other only adds to the fun. After all I have inky fingers I may as well at water play. I occasionally spritz the dog, especially when she thinks I have spent too much time at my drawing board. She loves water play as well.

This tag would usually be a background but I wanted to leave it plain in my folder to remind me of its high impact. I love the way the colours sing together.That shot of yellow really brings it alive.

The tag was created using distress stains. I really like both the stains and the paints but the distress inks are my main choice. I wonder if this will change as I play with my new paints bought for this course.

I have left my playthings out so when I return home will I go straight to my drawing board or to my loom? Hmmmm.

Happy making.


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