Monday 5 November 2012

A mad rush to take my tapestry, Be True to Yourself, My Daughter, to a very kind Jacqueline Alkema for hanging in the Women's Arts Association exhibition at BHAC, Cardiff Bay.  

The exhibition runs from Friday, 9th November to Wednesday, 28th November.  The gallery details are on my Future Events page.

I could not be there for the hanging as I am busily enjoying the museums and galleries in Birmingham this week, plus supporting Stuart as he works hard.  I have become so used to struggling round galleries as my mobility reduces that I had stopped taking advantage of visiting them and so missed out on lots of inspiration. No wonder creativity starts to dry.  Stuart encouraged me to buy a mobility scooter, bright orange and lots of fun to ride. This is the first visit away when I can take advantage of an independent, stress free (relatively) gallery trail. Yippee! Stuart may feel lost when I ask him how he feels a new piece of work is going but he is a huge support practically. I love my scooter.

I hope you get chance to see the exhibition.  I would love to read your comments.

Bye for now.

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